Art on Canvas


Canvas paintings and portraits by famous artists with deep meaning can add a whole new look to your decor, however it is an expensive pleasure that not everyone can afford. But you can still add a kick to your decor with the canvas prints, which are affordable and impressive.

Canvas prints can diversify your interior, enliven your homes and add vibrant colors as decoration to your walls. Modern technology allows you to print any image you want on the canvas. Be it bright moments of relaxation abroad, birthday celebrations, or a cozy evening with a loved one near the fireplace, you can turn those images into portraits and hang them on your walls making it a meaningful decor.

THE POER OF SURAH - AL -FIL, 152x121 cm Acrylic on Canvas by Indian Artist Abdul Rashi. This painting is based on the war between Israel and Palestine. In this painting I made Masjid al-Aqsa on an inverted globe which means the world is always down. Surah Al-Fil has been written around the mosque, warning Israel of its consequences. Ababils are flying around the mosque and stones are raining on Israel.

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