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Graffiti Art

Graffiti might seem today’s trend but it has its origin back in 1970. Back in the day young people used spray paint and other materials to create images on the building walls and sides of subways. From bright graphic images to stylised monogram graffiti grew to become an interesting form of art.

In galleries and museums, Graffiti is rarely seen but its aesthetics have been incorporated into artists’ works. Adding Graffiti as part of your interior decor will give it a funky cool vibe, not just your bedrooms but also your garages can be incorporated with graffiti. With ArtSmiley you get a wide variety of graffiti options to choose from. Experimenting with your decor has never been hard with us.

Graffiti as cool as the car in the graffii is a perfect addition for your teenage decor keeping you forever young

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